Protection Relays


SCS is a leading distributor of ABB Low Voltage and MV protection comprehensive marketplace for the diversified electrical products from prominent brands such as ABB, Alstom (GE), etc. We have gained experience in the field of branded electrical products trading and helped industries to maintain optimum safety levels. Besides, we are also one of the top-notch ABB MCB distributors in Delhi. We offer industries the leading and branded abb switchgear breakers, abb switchgear catalogue, and abb switchgear circuit breaker on affordable prices. 

The ABB switchgears are available at SCS are extensively used in commercial and industrial units in India. These switchgears are manufactured for high-end performances in the most challenging conditions. Switchgears from ABB are highly specialised units working as electrical circuit breakers, disconnect switches and fuses. These electrical products play critical role for controlling as well as isolating electrical equipment from electric shocks. Switchgears are also the valuable addition for two specific reasons – first and foremost, to regulate and de-energize electrical equipment, and second to remove faults in downstream.

ABB is one of the principal and front runners in the manufacturing high-quality high-end switchgears, and these electric products are widely made entry in commercial and industrial set-ups across the globe. We have a comprehensive ABB range available, which includes MCCB, ACB, MCB, SFU, etc.

At SCS, we are always striving to provide our end customers with a superior range of electrical products that suit their energy and power requirements.  We are consistently working on our supply lines, to grow them big and more comprehensive by including a diversified range of products from premium manufacturers.

The mission at SCS is to ensure cost-competitiveness, on-time delivery of the products, and managing diversified inventory, useful for commercial and industrial purposes. We maintain an efficient logistics and supply chain management system.

Get the best deals on the abb switchgears, and you get quality, brand, and 100% safety.

Protection Relays