Medium Voltage Switchgears


Whether in your office or at home, you need to install a reliable MCB or what other people refer to miniature circuit breaker. Perhaps you are asking yourself: What does this circuit breaker help me with? As a matter of fact, most power supplying companies around the world require all their customers to install a circuit breaker. The reason this is so important is because a circuit breaker helps to protect your house and its appliances from getting burned in case of an overload. In simpler words, an MCB is designed to interrupt power flow when faulty conditions occur.

Again, it’s only with us that you get to enjoy the widest range of miniature circuit breakers in India. Whether you are looking to install an ABB circuit breaker or a ABB Distribution boards, we’ve got them in plenty. Unlike other MCB dealers in Delhi, we put you on top of our priorities. In everything we do, we strive to make you-our customer- happy. That’s why we have teamed with all major industry players to ensure we bring to you the most effective and reliable MCB options.